Are Vegeta and Goku brothers?

Are Vegeta and Goku brothers?

By the end of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta and Goku had been through a hell of a lot together. They’ve fought side by side countless times and are two of the last pure bred Saiyan’s in the universe. We know that Goku and Vegeta fight like Brothers, but are Vegeta and Goku brothers?

No, Vegeta and Goku are not brothers. They are both Saiyan’s but come from different families, as Vegeta is a high-class Saiyan, but Goku is a low-class Saiyan.

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Goku’s Parents

We actually know who Goku’s parents are. Even though he had an adopted father on Earth, named Gohan, we know he had Saiyan parents.

Goku’s mother is a low class Saiyan called Gine, and Goku’s father is a low class Saiyan called Bardock.

We also know that Goku had a real brother, Raditz, who made a brief but memorable appearance before Piccolo blasted him with a Special Beam Cannon.

Vegeta’s Parents

We heard Vegeta call himself the Prince of Saiyan’s, and so it’s no surprise that his dad is a King.

King Vegeta is Vegeta’s father, keeping in line with a royal tradition to name the firstborn child after the father.

So we guess Vegeta would technically be known as King Vegeta II if he were an English King.

However, we don’t know who Vegeta’s mother is. We do know that King Vegeta is a high class Saiyan, so it’s probably not possible that a low-class and high-class Saiyan could be brothers.

Are Goku and Vegeta half brothers?

Since we never see Vegeta’s mother, yes, it is technically possible that Goku and Vegeta have the same mother; Gine.

It wouldn’t be completely out of the question that the King is able to choose any of his loyal subjects to make a baby with.

In fact, that’s how the beginning of Braveheart starts! It’s called Prima Nocta.

So Gine could have given birth to Vegeta, Raditz and Goku. However, there is zero evidence for this, and this right now is just another crazy fan theory.

But stranger things have happened in the DB universe, so when the writers run out of ideas, don’t be surprised if Goku and Vegeta are revealed to be brothers.

Vegeta and Goku are a Band of Brothers.

Even though Goku and Vegeta may technically not be blood brothers, I think you could still call them brothers.

They’ve been through a lot together, with their first bonding moment being when Goku avenged the Saiyan race by defeating Frieza.

We see them work together many times to save the universe, and they even fight cheek to cheek while inside Majin Buu to escape with their friends.

Most importantly, they fight like brothers. Only brothers could fight and bicker as much as these two do but still be there for each other 100% when things start to go bad.

The family you choose is important than the family you are born with, and Vegeta and Goku are definitely family at this point.

Vegeta and Goku fighting cheek by cheek.

Here is a youtube video of one of my personal favourite moments between Goku and Vegeta. They go check to cheek and do a super-powerful ki blast while inside Buu. What’s even funnier is Vegeta’s reaction, not liking the idea of Saiyan’s fighting cheek to cheek.

[amp_youtube id=”aJ_asm0gH-k”]


Are Vegeta and Goku brothers? – Final Thoughts

Even though Dragon Ball is the Goku show, there’s no denying that without Vegeta next to him, the show gets a lot less interesting and a lot less compelling.

The bond between the two of them reminds me of Rocky and Apollo Creed and the great friendship that formed from former rivals.

It’s also one of the things I like best about the Dragon Ball series, so yes, in my headcanon, Vegeta and Goku are totally brothers!

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