Bardock - Fight Profile

Bardock  Profile Picture
Wins 1
Losses 1
Draws 0
Name: Bardock
Total Fights: 2
Greatest Allies Goku, Gine
Worst Enemies Frieza
Race: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10" / 178 cm
Year of Birth Age Est. 700-710
Residence Planet Vegeta
Creator Akira Toriyama

Fight Record - All Bardock Fights

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Result Opponent Location Show Age Info
Loss Frieza Space DBS 737

Frieza v Bardock/99.99% of Saiyans/Gine


Frieza Saga, Dragon Ball Super

- Bardock teamed up with 99.99% of Saiyans / Gine against Frieza in this fight. Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta with the same Ki attack that killed most of the Saiyans, including Goku's parents, Gine and Bardock.

Win Alien Warriors Space DBZ 737

Bardock/Leek v Alien Warriors


Frieza Saga, Dragon Ball Z

- Bardock teamed up with Leek against Alien Warriors in this fight.

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Fight Statistics

Show Fights Wins Wins % Loss Loss % Draw Draw %
Dragon Ball Z 1 1 100% 0 0% 0 0%
Dragon Ball Super 1 0 0% 1 100% 0 0%
All Shows 2 1 50% 1 50% 0 0%

Who is Bardock?

Bardock is a low-class Saiyan of the mighty Saiyan army, who went round the galaxy destroying planets at the behest of Lord Frieza so he could sell them on the galactic market. Although he wasn’t a particularly strong Saiyan he was unique because of his special bond with his family; his wife Gine and his 2 sons Raditz and Goku. He also showed great courage as one of the few people who had the guts to stand up to Frieza to defend his race.

As well as being Goku’s biological father, he is also the one who sent Goku to Earth as he feared for his safety on Planet Vegeta. A fear that was very well founded in the end as Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza not long after Goku was sent to Earth.

All Transformations

  • Bardock Super Saiyan (SSJ1)

    - Although this is non-canon, Bardock has the ability to turn Super Saiyan like all other full blooded Saiyans. His hair goes yellow and a bright yellow aura surrounds his body, and his power level receives a big multiplier or around 50x.

    Bardock Super Saiyan


What is Bardock's Win Loss Record?

Bardock's Win Loss Record is 1 - 1.

How many fights has Bardock been in?

Bardock has been in around 2 fights

How many fights has Bardock lost?

Bardock has lost 1 fights

How many fights has Bardock won?

Bardock has won 1 fights

What race is Bardock?

Bardock is a Saiyan