Can Destructo Disk cut anything?

Can Destructo Disk cut anything?

Say what you want about Krillin’s fighting ability, there’s no denying that he brought us one of the most powerful Ki techniques in the Universe. Even though Goku and Frieza have done variations of the technique, there’s only one master of the Destructo Disk, and that is Krillin. But as powerful as the Destructo disk is, can Destructo disk cut anything?

Yes, the Destructo Disk can cut any solid object, but it can’t cut through a strong enough Ki Barrier.

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What is the Destructo Disk?

The Destructo Disk, known as Kienzan in Japanese, is a Ki energy attack that takes the form of a flat, bright yellow spinning disk that has an extraordinarily sharp edge capable of cutting through any solid object.

It is seen cutting a mountain in half, as well as Frieza’s tail.

However, the technique has some weaknesses as well as it takes a long time to generate the Destructo Disk, and once it’s been released, it is hard to control.

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Krillin and his Signature Move – The Destructo Disk

Even though Krillin isn’t the only character to use the Destructo Disk, and he probably didn’t invent it, there’s no doubt that this is his signature move, like how Kamehameha has become Goku’s signature move.

We first see him use it during the Saiyan Saga, where he tries to slice Nappa in half.

Krillin’s best use of the disk was probably slicing off Frieza’s tail while on Namek.

Other Users of the Destructo Disk

Because the Destructo Disk is such a powerful technique, it’s no surprise that other characters in the Dragon Ball Universe have used this technique. Some notable uses of the technique are:

  • Frieza generates purple Destructo disks to try and kill Goku, but Goku manages to cause Frieza to be cut in half by his own disks.
  • Android 18 uses the disk to cut the masked fighter in half, revealing it to be Goten and Trunks in disguise.
  • Cell uses the Destructo Disk against SSJ2 Gohan, but Gohan is easily able to destroy them.

Why didn’t Destructo Disk slice Cell’s Neck off?

Some fans were upset with the anime showing a scene where Krillin launches a Destructo Disk at Cell only for it to bounce off.

Until now, it was thought this technique could cut anything, so it was a bit disappointing that its power was sacrificed to build up the character of Cell.

However, this only happened in the anime, during filler, and not in the Manga.

So it’s debatable whether this scene is canon. It’s fair to assume that the Destructo Disk can indeed cut any solid matter but can be deflected by a strong enough Ki technique.

How much power does it take to neutralise a Destructo Disk?

For the first few Sagas in Dragon Ball Z, everyone, including Frieza, feared the Destructo Disk.

We didn’t see anyone really take on a Destructo Disk until the Cell Saga.

Therefore we can assume that you need to have a power level of at least Super Saiyan to be able to successfully neutralise a Destructo Disk.

You can either blast it from a distance or create a Ki aura to deflect it. We see Super Saiyan 2 Gohan easily disintegrate them.

But this is very risky, and no matter what your power level, you can still easily be cut in half by it if you are not careful.

Would Destructo Disk cut Beerus in half?

Yes, we believe if Beerus was caught off guard, he would be cut in half.

Even though he is a God, he is still a living being with skin that could be cut with the ultra-sharp disk.

However, Beerus would also be easily able to deflect it or create an aura to block it.

So you’d need to get up very early to catch Beerus off guard and not give him enough time to deflect it.

It would only take him less than a nanosecond to build an aura, so Beerus is basically invisible to Destructo Disks. But it would still be technically possible.

Every Destructo Disk Ever

Luckily youtube has us covered, and here is a compliation of every Destruco Disk in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

[amp_youtube id=”F-KmDPK8XYk”]


Can Destructo Disk cut anything – Final Thoughts?

We like the fact that certain techniques are a lot more powerful than the person using them.

They are great equalisers in fights and allow underdogs to punch above their weights.

Tien managed to hold off Cell using his TriBean attack, and Piccolo was able to kill Raditz using his Special Beam Cannon.

So Krillin having his own super-powered attack is awesome too.

We just hope that these techniques keep their power and aren’t diminished in newer arcs just to make villains appear more powerful.

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