Did Beerus destroy Planet Vegeta?

Did Beerus destroy Planet Vegeta?

Beerus, who was first introduced in the movie Battle of Gods, has the job title of God of Destruction. That means it’s his job to turn planets into space dust. But did Beerus destroy planet Vegeta?

No, Beerus did not directly destroy planet Vegeta, but he did order Frieza to destroy the planet.

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What does a God of Destruction do?

In the Dragon Ball lore, the God of Destruction is a Thanos type character who aims to bring balance to the universe.

The Core People are seen as the givers of life, and it’s the God of Destruction’s job to balance this out by destroying certain planets.

The idea being that by destroying certain planets and civilisations, you improve the rest of the universe.

So say there was an evil planet polluting the universe, a God of Destruction may destroy it to benefit everyone else.

However, Beerus was seen as a bad God of Destruction and destroyed planets based on whether he liked the food rather than if the planet actually deserved it.

Why did Beerus want planet Vegeta destroyed?

It’s not known the exact reason Beerus wanted to destroy Planet Vegeta, other than mentioning that he disliked King Vegeta.

We see a flashback to Vegeta’s childhood where King Vegeta is entertaining Beerus hoping not to be killed.

It’s possible Beerus didn’t like King Vegeta’s hospitality, or maybe he heard that King Vegeta was bad-mouthing him behind his back.

Either way, the reason Beerus didn’t destroy planet Vegeta was simply that he didn’t get round to it.

It was definitely on his to-do list, it seems, but Beerus likes sleeping, and he says Planet Vegeta was too far away.

Frieza’s the one who destroyed planet Vegeta.

Here is where there is some confusion.

We know Frieza destroyed the Planet Vegeta, but in Dragon Ball Z, it was established that it was because he was scared a Saiyan would one day defeat him.

However, in Dragon Ball Super, it’s implied Frieza only did it because Beerus ordered him to.

I personally think Frieza wanted to destroy the planet but needed Beerus’s blessing. Since Beerus wanted the planet destroyed, he didn’t get in Frieza’s way.

But this is just headcanon, and we don’t exactly know the ins and outs of the Beerus/Frieza relationship.

Maybe it will be explored more in the new seasons of Dragon Ball Super.

Did Beerus Destroy Planet Vegeta? – Final Thoughts.

Although I am a fan of Dragon Ball Super, I’m not a fan of some of the retcons.

Originally in Dragon Ball Z, Frieza was the ruler of the universe and answered to no one.

Having Beerus being the hidden hand that overruled Frieza kind of diminishes Frieza’s legacy just to pump up the profile of Beerus.

I can only hope that Dragon Ball Super is teasing a mega-fight between Beerus and Goku/Vegeta, with this bombshell being the trigger.

If we get an awesome fight out of the plot point, then I’ll forgive them for this retcon.

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