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Hyperbolic Time Chamber Calculator
Hyperbolic Time Chamber Calculator
What is the Hyperbolic Time Chamber? The Hyperbolic Time Chamber, also known as the Spirit and Time Room, is another dimension that is accessible through a door on Earth’s Look Out Tower. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber has time dilation so […]
What episode does the tournament of power start
What episode does the Tournament of Power start?
The Tournament of Power’s one of the highest stakes battles in all of Dragon Ball. It’s also one of the battles that take up the most episodes despite only lasting 48 minutes in-universe, similar to when Frieza said Namek would […]
Super Dragon Ball Heroes
Is Dragon Ball Heroes Canon?
Super Dragon Ball Heroes hit the scene in 2018, just after Dragon Ball Super stopped releasing anime episodes. At first glance, fans were jubilant that Dragon Ball Super was continuing, but on closer inspection, it seems like it wasn’t continuing […]
Dragon Ball Super
When does Dragon Ball Super take place?
After almost two decades with no new Dragon Ball anime, fans were jubilant the world over when Dragon Ball Super was first released in 2015. While we’d had an IRL time skip of 2 decades, the characters of Dragon Ball […]
Goku Background Dragon Ball Guru
How many Dragon Ball games are there?
It only makes sense that the Greatest Anime Series has produced some of the greatest video games ever. Dragon Ball video games have given countless children and adults countless hours of fun. There’s seems like an unlimited supply of these […]
Are Vegeta and Goku brothers?
Are Vegeta and Goku brothers?
By the end of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta and Goku had been through a hell of a lot together. They’ve fought side by side countless times and are two of the last pure bred Saiyan’s in the universe. We know […]
SSJ4 Gotenks
SSJ4 Gotenks – Can gotenks go SSJ4?
Image above taken from this Deviantart page to show us what Gotenks might look like as a Super Saiyan 4. Gotenks is one of the goofiest characters in Dragon Ball. But there’s no denying how damn powerful he was, and […]
Gogeta Vs Vegito
Gogeta vs Vegito (Fusion Dance vs Potaro Fusion)
Fan’s first saw Vegito in action against Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Z, and we saw that he was one powerful dude. Gogeta existed in non-canon material for years before The Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie brought him officially into […]
What does Kai mean in Dragon Ball Z?
What does Kai mean in Dragon Ball Z?
In the Saiyan Saga, we were first told by Kami about a mysterious King Kai who was a great martial arts trainer. And then again, we met the Supreme Kai in the Buu arc and were introduced to a whole […]
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 - NO RELEASE DATE YET
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 – NO RELEASE DATE YET
Everyone loved Dragon Ball Xenoverse when it first came out in 2015! Bandai Namco raised the bar again when they released Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in 2016. But now it’s been six long years since these games were released, with […]