How old is Beerus?

How old is Beerus?

In Dragon Ball Ball Super, we discover that Beerus takes astounding 39-year naps! If he had the lifespan of a human, he’d spend half of his life asleep, but of course, Beerus isn’t human… he’s a God! And as such is blessed with a lot longer life than us mere mortals, but just how old is Beerus?

We don’t know precisely how old Beerus is, but he is at least 75 million years old, as we know this was when he sealed Elder Kai in the Z Sword.

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Guessing Beerus’ age

The 2 data points we have to guess Beerus’ age are the event in which he sealed the Elder Kai in the Z sword, which was 75 million years ago, and the birth of the Universe, which is 14 billion years ago. So Beerus can be anywhere between 75 million and 14 billion years old. Although that is a huge difference in time to us, it doesn’t really matter whether Beerus is 75 million or 750 million years old. Beerus is fricken old, even older than Master Roshi! Let’s leave it at that.

Is Whis older than Beerus?

Whis is the Angel for Universe 7 and would have been for the entirety of its existence which makes him at least 14 billion years old. But while the Angels remain as leaders of the universes forever, Gods of Destruction are more like job titles that can be given to new warriors. So it’s possible Whis has had several students just like Beerus, which implies that Beerus is a lot younger than Whis. How young exactly, we don’t know.

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