How old is Goku?

How old is Goku?

Ordinarily, it’s easy to calculate a character’s age. You just find out their birth year and count towards the current date. But Goku is far from ordinary! From being dead for several through to spending time in the time-shifting hyperbolic time chamber, asking how old is Goku is a very difficult question.

Goku is technically 43 years old as of the End of Super. He was born Age 737 and Dragon Ball Super ends 780. However, his body is 39 years old, and his spirit is 47 years old.

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How old is Goku in Dragon Ball?

Goku is 12 years old in Dragon Ball when he first meets Bulma in Age 749. Dragon Ball took place over a seven-year period ending Age 756.

This would make Goku 19 years old when he defeats Piccolo Jr at the end of the original Dragon Ball anime series.

How old is Goku is Dragon Ball Z?

Goku is 24 years old at the start of Dragon Ball Z when his brother arrives and kidnaps poor young defenceless Gohan.

The end of Dragon Ball Z is marked by the death of Majin Buu, and this happens Age 774 making Goku 37 years old.

How old is Goku in Dragon Super?

Goku is 41 years old at the start of Dragon Ball Super in Age 778.

This was a very special age for Goku as he tasted God Ki for the first time and was set on a path to getting SSB and eventually Ultra Instinct.

The final Tournament of Power takes place in the Age 780, meaning that Goku is now 43 years old in the anime right now.

With hints of Dragon Ball Super 2 coming out in 2021 then we expect Goku to get even older as no one mortal or God seems capable of killing him.

How old is Goku in Battle of Gods?

The Battle of Gods takes place at the same time as Dragon Ball Super, as Dragon Ball Super retold the same story.

This means that Goku is still 41 years old during the movie as it was set in Age 778.

It’s a shame that these movies are no longer officially canon as they were both fantastic, and it seemed like a bit of waste retelling the same story.

How old is Goku in Dragon Ball GT?

Goku is 42 years old in Dragon Ball GT as it takes place age 789.

However, Dragon Ball GT is not canon and is not part of the main storyline.

Some people think Goku is younger in Dragon Ball GT as he has the appearance of a child; however, this is only because at the beginning of the series Emperor Pilaf wishes Goku to be young again using the Black Star Dragon Balls.

How old is Goku’s body?

While we have explained how old Goku’s Chronological age is, his physical age is different.

This is because, in the Dragon Ball universe, it’s possible for a possible to die, but for a spirit to exist in the other world.

Goku has made several trips to the otherworld, both choosing to stay to train with King Kai. During Goku’s time in the afterworld, it seems that his physical body doesn’t age pausing his biological block.

So at the end of Dragon Ball Super, although Goku is chronologically 43 years old, his body is only 39 years old.

How old is Goku’s spirit?

Finding out how old Goku’s spirit is, is yet another question. This is because his actual mind would have experienced more time than his timeline suggests.

He spent around 4 years in the hyperbolic time chamber, which is only four days in the Earth’s time.

This means that his soul and body aged and became different from his birth certificate.

So if you add these extra four years to Goku’s birth date, this puts Goku’s mind and spirit at 47 years old at the end of Dragon Ball Super.

Goku’s Age Timeline by Major Events

Here we have produced a table for you so you can see how old Goku is at key events in his life.

Event Age Gokus Age
Goku was Born 737 0
Dragon Ball starts 749 12
Goku defeats King Piccolo 753 16
Gohan is born 757 20
Dragon Ball Z starts 761 24
Goku defeats Frieza 762 25
Gohan defeats Cell 767 30
Goku defeats Majin Buu 774 37
Dragon Ball Super Starts 778 41
Android 17 wins tournament of Power 780 43

Further Reading

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Another shout out to the brilliant minds of Reddit who helped me figure out Goku’s chronological, spiritual and biological age in this discussion about Vegeta and Goku’s ages.

Here is a great youtube video that goes through Goku’s timeline in a lot of detail, breaking down his age at each event.

So there you have it! We feel like we have thoroughly answered the question of how old is Goku. It certainly isn’t a simple task in the Dragon Ball universe trying to find certain characters ages. Maybe next time we’ll keep things simple by discussing Chi-Chi’s age. 

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