How old is Master Roshi?

How old is Master Roshi?

Our favourite turtle Hermit was the one who first showed Goku the Expelliarmus of the DB world, the mighty Kamehameha. Roshi also more than held his own at the Tournament of Power despite not fighting on-screen since Dragon Ball.

Since we have known Roshi, he doesn’t seem to have aged or slowed down at all. He’s always looked like the fittest 60-year-old on the planet, which begs the question just How old is Master Roshi?

Master Roshi’s exact age is unknown, but he is around 300 years during Dragon Ball. This would make Master Roshi around 320 years old at the beginning of Dragon Ball Super. Although he is human, he achieves longer live through eating the paradise herb.

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Master Roshi’s Holy Grail

No matter how good your work out routine is or how many Senzu Beans you eat, most humans just aren’t going to get past 100 years old. Master Roshi wasn’t born immortal like a God so had to find other ways to gain his immortality.

Roshi claims that by eating the Paradise Herb, he will be able to live to about 1000! In Dragon Ball, they make a joke that he had a pet Pheonix who granted people immortality, but he accidentally killed it, somewhat ironically!

It’s unknown whether he first used the bird to start his long life juice going which then gets topped up by the paradise herb.

Longer life but technically maybe not immortal.

One thing to note is that although Master Roshi has extended life, he may not be immortal. He can still be killed by traditional methods and has died several times through the season, though not during the main timeline.

We can assume that during the Future Trunks’ timeline that the androids killed him after they took out the rest of the gang. We also see Golden Frieza blow up the planet during Resurrection F so we can assume he died there.

It depends how you define immortality, as Zeno is immortal and can’t be killed, while Roshi is able to increase his life artificially but is still very much vulnerable to a visit to King Yama.

We also saw him almost die during the Tournament of Power as well, and many fans thought him dying there would have been a beautiful ending to the original Kamehameha savant.

So there you have it, the secret to immortality! If you can find Goku and Krillin and trick them into getting you some Paradise Herb from Forest of Terror, then you too can live as long as Master Roshi. But if you wanted to learn how to shoot beans out of your hands, and have a Hulk-like transformation every time you power up, don’t hold your breath. There’s only one Turtle Hermit!

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