How old is Piccolo?

How old is Piccolo?

As many of you probably suspected, Piccolo isn’t human! A big giveaway is his green skin and pointy ears! But that’s not the only difference between humans and Namekians in Dragon Ball. Namekians mature a lot quicker than humans, meaning Piccolo is a lot younger than you may think. So, just how old is Piccolo?

Piccolo is just 3 years old when he first fights Goku in Dragon Ball. He was born Age 753, making Piccolo’s age 8 when Dragon Ball Z starts and 25 when Dragon Ball Super starts.

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Why does Piccolo look so old?

Most humans aren’t capable of fighting Saiyan’s just at age 3, but that’s how old Piccolo was when he gave Goku the most brutal fight of his life at the time.

The reason for this is Namekians mature a lot quicker and only have a really short adolescence.

So by the age of 3, Piccolo was fully matured into his adult form. Namekians can live for up to 200 years, so it looks like Piccolo will probably stay in his physical prime for at least 100 years, if not more.

So maybe he is just waiting for Goku to die before he decides to take over the world again.

Piccolo’s Birth – Vomited out of King Piccolo’s Mouth

For those who don’t know, Namekians give birth asexually and eject the egg out of their mouths. We were lucky enough to see Piccolo’s birth during Dragon Ball after Goku headbutted a hole through King Piccolo’s stomach.

So we know exactly how old Piccolo is as Goku defeated King Piccolo Age 753.

Piccolo being Born

How old is Piccolo in Dragon Ball

So even though Piccolo isn’t born at the start of Dragon Ball, he is born halfway through during the King Piccolo saga, which is Age 753.

Then when Piccolo finally fights Goku at the World Martial Arts tournament, it was Age 756, so Piccolo is 3 years old when he meets Goku.

How old is Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z kicks off when Raditz invades Earth and kidnaps Gohan. This united old foes Goku and Piccolo, who decide to team up to defend the Earth, which Piccolo later wants to take over.

Piccolo has matured a lot since he lost to Goku and finds himself a mature 8-year-old at the start of Dragon Ball Z Age 761.

By the end of Dragon Ball Z, after Majin Buu is defeated during Age 774, Piccolo is finally a man at 21 years old.

How old is Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super starts age 778, which makes Piccolo 25 years old when Beerus first looking for a Super Saiyan God.

Then at the end of Dragon Ball Super, when Piccolo is kicking butt in the tournament of Power, he is 27, during age 780.

How old is Piccolo in Namekians years?

So we know how old Piccolo is in Earth years, but Piccolo isn’t from Earth.

He is from the planet Namek, where it takes only 130 days to rotate around their Sun, which means they can use their Dragon Balls a lot quicker than we can on Earth.

Therefore, to find out how old Piccolo is in Namek Years, just take his Earth age and times it by 2.8, as Namek’s years are 2.8 quicker than Earths.

So when Piccolo fights Goku, he is 8.4. At the start of Dragon Ball Z, he is 22.4 etc.

How much older is Piccolo than Gohan

As we all know, Gohan was the first true friend that Piccolo had, and Piccolo was Gohan’s first trainer. There was a really special student bond between the 2 of them, which is why it’s surprising there wasn’t really a big difference in age between the two.

Piccolo is just 4 years older than Gohan. So when Piccolo starting training a young Gohan aged 5, Piccolo was only about 9 years old.

I’m not sure many schools in the country would employ 9-year-old teachers for 5-year-olds, but hey, this is Dragon Ball Z, and Piccolo is amazing!

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