How strong is Beerus?

How strong is Beerus?

When we first meet Beerus in Battle of the Gods (2013), he seems like a worthy foe for Goku and Vegeta. In the beginning, he is more powerful then both of them combined. But we were sure Goku and Co. would find a way to beat him in the end. So it was a slight shock when not only does Beerus beat Goku at the end of the film, but also we find out he wasn’t even using all of his power. This begs the question just How strong is Beerus?

From the end of Dragon Ball Super’s final saga, Beerus is the 2nd Strongest fighter of the Universe behind Whis. When he first fought SSG Goku, he was only using a small part of his total power, but we aren’t really sure how much he was holding back. Since Goku achieved Ultra Instinct, the gap has narrowed, but many still consider Beerus to be more powerful. Beerus is also considered one of the strongest Gods of Destruction but is still below the 12 angels and Zen-Oh.

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When we first meet Beerus – Battle of Gods

The first glimpse we get of Beerus’s power is when he faces an SSJ3 Goku on Kind Kai’s planet.

At the end of Z, SSJ3 was considered the most powerful form around, and he knocks SSJ3 Goku out with a single karate chop. Even after the Super Saiyan God ritual, when Goku greatly surpassed SSJ3, Beerus was stated only to be using 70% of his power.

Whether you consider Battle of Gods Canon or not, we’ll leave that debate to a Kanzenshuu post. I think it’s fair to say that Beerus’s power has been retconned in Dragon Ball Super.

This makes the last paragraph you just read useless.

Anime Retelling/Retcon?

So while the story of the Anime is very similar to the film, a key difference is the power difference between Goku and Beerus.

I believe Beerus was using between 1% and 10% of his full power during the new Battle of the Gods fight. Whatever the figure is, I think it’s similar to the power Frieza had when we first heard of him.

When Goku arrived on Namek, he had a power level of 90,000 while we know Frieza’s was 120,000,000. So basically Goku and Co were massively outmatched by Beerus at this point.

Compared to Goku

As the story continues the gap between Goku and Beerus gets smaller and smaller. When trying to figure out how strong Beerus is, it makes sense to compare him to our favourite Saiyan fighter.

Goku manages to learn a new transformation in Super Saiyan Blue, which is many times stronger than the God form. He then receives a further boost by mixing in Kao Ken.

However, this form isn’t enough to give Jiren trouble, so it’s thought he’d still quite a bit weaker than Beerus at the start of the Tournament of Power.

It’s when Goku uses Ultra Instinct he can beat Jiren and thought to be close to Beerus’s power.

So in the course of Dragon Ball Super Beerus’s power doesn’t seem to grow but Gokus does. Goku goes from 1% of Beerus’s power to an estimated 90% to 105%.

But we would still say Beerus would win a fight due to his crazy God of Destruction skills.

Who is stronger than Beerus?

So although Beerus is stronger than all our favourite characters, we know he isn’t the strongest in the Dragon Ball extended universe.

For one his trainer, Whis is a lot stronger than him, as well as all the other Angels. There are other God of Destructions from other Universes who may be stronger than Beerus. We know Beerus is considered to pretty strong among the Gods, but we can’t know for sure Beerus is the strongest.

Without a direct battle or seeing them fight, it’s hard to know Beerus’s strength compared to others. And we are pretty sure Beerus would lose to the Zen-Oh in a fight, seeing as how Zen-Oh can dematerialise people at will.

“There is a universe where lives a mortal, even a God of Destruction cannot beat.”

Whis speculates there’s a mortal who no God of Destruction, and by extension Beerus, can’t defeat. Many think that this is Jiren, but it isn’t confirmed.

If this is the case, then Beerus would also be weaker than Goku, and possibly Vegeta.

However, we can’t know what would happen in a fight, and we don’t even know Jiren is the mortal they are talking about. So we can’t use this as any firm evidence.

But this article is only accurate until the end of Dragon Ball Super. With new Dragon Ball Super always rumoured a lot could change. Goku and Vegeta may have already surpassed him, but we just don’t have the evidence. Perhaps he will fight other God’s of destruction and realise he isn’t as strong as he thought. Maybe he’ll fight Jiren and lose? Maybe Gohan will get another insane power up?

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