How tall is Piccolo?

How tall is Piccolo?

Piccolo may only be a few years old when he first fights our favourite Saiyan Goku in the 23rd Budoukai, but that didn’t stop him towering over everyone at that tournament, especially Goku. Goku isn’t exactly considered short in the Dragon Ball Universe, so just how tall is Piccolo?

Piccolo is 7ft 5in / 226 cm tall, according to the Super Exciting Guide: Character Volume, which makes him one of the tallest characters in Dragon Ball.

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Is Piccolo taller than Kami?

For those who don’t know, Piccolo and Kami are part of the same entity separated into two separate forms.

Even though they look quite different in appearance, they are, in fact, the same height. Kami is also around 7ft 5in / 226 cm, making him the same height as Piccolo.

Is Piccolo taller than King Piccolo?

Once again, for those who also don’t know Piccolo, or Piccolo Jr as he’s sometimes known, he is the reincarnation of King Piccolo.

He spat him out as an egg moments before his death at the hands, or rather more accurately the head, of young Goku.

But just because Piccolo is the reincarnation of King Piccolo doesn’t mean they are the same height. King Piccolo is even taller at 8ft 2in / 250 cm.

Which characters are taller than Piccolo?

While there are’t many, there are a few who would beat Piccolo in a height content, most notably King Cold, Frieza (2nd Form) Broly (While mad), King Piccolo, Ox-King, Majin Buu and Kefla (While mad).

So if Dragon Ball ever were to start a Basket Ball team instead of a Baseball team, these are the cats you’d want on your team.

Further Reading – Translation of the Super Exciting Guide: Character Volume which features official heights for a lot of the characters.

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