Is Goku Stronger than….? 52 characters we compare to Goku! Ultimate Guide

Is Goku Stronger than….? 52 characters we compare to Goku! Ultimate Guide

It’s fair to say Goku absolute loves a scrap! There’s nothing he likes more than testing his strength against new opponents to see how strong they are compared to him. Unfortunately there’s only so many fights Goku can have due to time restraints and the fact that a lot of other popular characters aren’t part of the Dragon Ball Universe (Thanks a lot copyright!). But we feel these questions need answers, so we have compiled a list of famous fighters from the Dragon Ball Universe and Beyond, and give our assessment on whether they are stronger than our favourite Saiyan Goku.

Index: Akumo, Bardock, Batman, Beerus, Broly, Buu, Captain Marvel, Cell, Champa, Chi-Chi, Chuck Norris, Frieza, Fu, Future Trunks, Gohan, Gohan, Goten, Grand Kai, Hit, Hulk, Itachi, Jiren, Kami, Kefla, Kirito, Krillin, Luffy, Majin Vegeta, Master Roshi, Mr Satan, Naruto, Omega Shenron, Piccolo, Pikachu, Pikkon, Raditz, Saitama, Shenron, Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Buu, Superman, Supreme Kai, Thanos, The Flash, The Hypnotoad, Thor, Toppo, Uub, Vegeta, Whis, Yamcha, Zeno

Is Goku stronger than Akumo?

No. Akumo is a Saiyan like Goku, however he claims to have invented Ultra Instinct and has Beerus level of God of Destruction powers. So Akumo is definitely stronger than Goku right now.

Is Goku stronger than Bardock?

Yes. Bardock may have been Goku’s father, but Goku is on another dimesion of power compared to Bardock. Bardock may have been stronger than Goku throughout Dragon Ball Z, but throughout the Saiyan Saga Goku surpassed his father. And once Goku learn Super Saiyan it wasn’t even close.

Is Goku stronger than Batman?

Yes, Goku is stronger than Batman, as Batman is just a regular human. However if we are talking about Batman with prep time, then it’s a different story. There’s not a character created that can stand up to Batman with prep time, so Goku better watch his back if Bruce Wayne comes after him.


Is Goku stronger than Beerus?

No, sadly for Goku, Beerus is on another level of strength. Even though Goku mastered Ultra Instinct, Beerus still has Ultra Instinct plus an array of God of Destruction level techniques. If Beerus wanted Goku dead, he’d be dead, and there’s nothing Goku would be able to do to stop that currently.

Is Goku stronger than Broly?

No, We see in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie that Goku was losing to Broly 1 on 1. It wasn’t until he fused with Vegeta and fought Broly as Gogeta that he started to win. However Goku didn’t use Mastered Ultra Instinct as he couldn’t use it on command. So right now Broly is stronger than Goku, however if Goku ever masters ultra Instinct then he’d become undeniably stronger than Broly.

Is Goku stronger than Buu?

Yes. Majin Buu was an absolute force of nature when he appeared. Even if Goku turned Super Saiyan 3 it would have probably been an even fight in which Goku may have just won. But ultiamtely Evil Buu was stronger than Goku while he was alive, and was only defeated by a Super Spirit Bomb. But now in Dragon Ball Super Goku is many times stronger than he was when he faced Buu, and so is ultiamtely stronger than all forms of Majin Buu.

Is Goku stronger than Captain Marvel?

Yes. While Captain Marvel is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe, in the Dragon Ball Universe she’s probably only the level of a Super Saiyan. She can take out huge battle spaceships easily, but would probably have trouble taking about an entire planet by herself. So current Goku is a lot stronger than Captain Marvel but Captain Marvel would probably have been able to beat Goku throughout the most of Dragon Ball and some of Dragon Ball Z.

Is Goku stronger than Cell?

Yes, Goku surpassed Cell’s strength but only after Cell killed Goku. Cell was originally stronger than Goku, but after Goku learned Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3 in the otherworld he became a lot stronger than Cell.

Is Goku stronger than Champa?

No, Champa is much stronger than Goku. Although they’ve never fought we know that Champa has a similar level of strength to Beerus. And we know that Beerus mopped the floor with Goku. So it’s safe to say that Champa is stronger than Goku.

Is Goku stronger than Chi-Chi?

Yes, Goku is a lot stronger than Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi is extremely strong, and probably one of the strongest humans alive as she learnt Turtler Hermet Karate from her father the Ox-King. But when you compared Chi-Chi to one of the strongest fighters in the universe , aka Goku, then she is going to fall short.

Is Goku stronger than Chuck Norris?

No! When Zeno goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for Chuck Norris! What a stupid question, of course Chuck Norris is stronger than Goku. Chuck Norris is so powerful, he can charge his spirit bomb in one episode! (Credit to reddit user mamamaMONSTERJAMMM for this joke)

Is Goku stronger than Frieza?

Yes, Goku is a lot stronger than Frieza. But when we first meet Frieza he had a max power level of 120 million while Goku had a power level of about 90,000. So there was a massive difference! But Goku soon caught up with Super Saiyan, and Goku overtook Frieza again when he learnt Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken. So Frieza was stronger than Goku for parts of Dragon Ball, but ultimately the monkey boy is stronger than Goku.

Is Goku stronger than Fu?

Yes, Goku is stronger than Fu in the Dragon Ball Super Anime. Fu does get some serious power boosts that bring him up to around Super Saiyan Blue level. However Goku is stronger when he uses Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken X 20, and is even stronger when he uses Ultra Instinct. In the video game though all bets are off, and Fu maybe beat Goku in a fight if Fu is controlled by a video game master, and Goku is controlled by a baby.

Is Goku stronger than Future Trunks?

Yes, Goku has always been stronger than Future Trunks. Trunks made quite the impression on the Z warriors when he sliced Frieza into smitherines. However Goku beat Frieza years ago, and spent his time training on Yadrat. Goku who gains stength and poewr a lot quicker than Future Trunks throughout the rest of Dragon Ball Z so is always one step ahead of Future Trunks.

Is Goku stronger than Gohan?

Yes, Gohan had some brilliant moments in Dragon Ball Z, and was stronger than Goku for most of the show. However since Gohan stopped training, and since Goku now has the ability to use God Ki Gohan is so far behind Goku it looks like he’ll never catch up.

Is Goku stronger than Gohan?

Yes, Goku is stronger than Gohan. Gohan had some crazy potential, and was the strongest warrior on Earth on two separate occasions. But he didn’t keep up his training, and by the time of Dragon Ball Super there’s no comparison in strength between Goku and Gohan.

Is Goku stronger than Goten?

Yes, Goku is a lot stronger than Goten. However, Goten is only a child, and we don’t know what kind of potential Goten might have, being a ‘mighty’ half-Saiyan. We know that Goten is a lot stronger than Goku was at the same age because Goten can turn into a Super Saiyan. So if that’s any indication of future strength Goten may surpass Goku but we’ll have to find out! But then again the writers like to give Goku plot transformations so Goten may be screwed!

Is Goku stronger than Grand Kai?

Yes, we never actually see Grand Kai fight. And we also suspect that he’s a bit of a fraud when it comes to Martial Arts, after he refused to give Goku or Pikkon a lesson he promised due to a technicality. This is probably because he knew he was out of depth compared to the 2 warriors, and didn’t want to appear weak. So it’s safe to say Goku is definitely stronger than Grand Kai.

Is Goku stronger than Hit?

Yes, Goku who definitely stronger than Hit. When they first fought Hit had a lot of tricks and mysterious techniques that Goku wasn’t used to. But as soon as Goku learnt them Hit was no match for him. In terms of raw strength Goku was always stronger, and now after they’ve fought a few times Goku wins the fight easily.

Is Goku stronger than Hulk?

Yes, Goku is stronger than the Hulk. Don’t get us wrong, the Hulk is incredibly strong, and has the power to take down Sky Scraper with a swing of his mighty green fist. However Goku has the ability to destroy planets with a swing of his might Saiyan fist. There is really no comparison, and the Hulk is going to need to inject a lot more radiation before he gets to the same strength levels of

Is Goku stronger than Itachi?

Yes, Goku is so much stronger than Itachi, and wins very easily. Itachi may be a big wig in the Naruto Universe, but Goku is strong enough to withstand most of Itachi’s attacks.

Is Goku stronger than Jiren?

No, in the Tournament of Power Jiren and Goku had some good fights. Without Ultra Instinct, Jiren was much stronger than Goku. However with Ultra Instinct Goku was slightly stronger then Jiren. However, Goku can’t use Ultra Instinct reliably, so when trying to measure who is objectively stronger, the answer has to be Jiren. This could all change in the future of Dragon Ball Super though.

Is Goku stronger than Kami?

Yes, Goku has been stronger than Kami since Dragon Ball Z. Kami’s only recorded power level was 220, while Goku started off Dragon Ball Z with a power level of 416. There a time when Kami was stronger than Goku though, as he trained him at one point in the original Dragon Ball anime. But Goku soon caught up and became stronger than Kami.

Is Goku stronger than Kefla?

Yes, Goku at full strength is a lot stronger than Kefla. In the Tournament of Power the reason Kefla was able to do so well against Goku was because he wasn’t anywhere near his full strength, and was recovering from turning Ultra Instinct. But even at Super Saiyan Blue Goku is much stronger than the fused character Kefla.

Is Goku stronger than Kirito?

Yes, Kirito is just a boy who plays a video game online whereas Goku is a mighty Saiyan! Goku is considerably stronger than Kirito, and even though Kirito might be able to beat Goku in a game of Super Smash Bros, it doesn’t change the fact Goku is the man irl.

Is Goku stronger than Krillin?

Yes, Goku is many thousands of times stronger than Krillin. When they were both children it was more of a fair fight, as they were both the same height and Goku was relatively untrained. But even back then the superior Saiyan Monkey DNA gave Goku more strength that Krillin.

Is Goku stronger than Luffy?

Yes, When Goku was a child it might have been a good fight between Luffy and Goku. But adult Goku with all his speed, stength and Ki blasts would make light work of Luffy. We’d even wager than Yamcha or Chiaotzu would beat Luffy.

Is Goku stronger than Majin Vegeta?

Yes, Goku was stronger than Majin Vegeta at the time. Even though they were eventually matched when they were both Super Saiyan 2, Goku had Super Saiyan 3 up his sleeve that he didn’t use. If Goku had used SSJ3 he’d have been much stronger than Majin Vegeta and defeated him pretty easily. The only reason Goku didn’t was because he didn’t want to feed his energy into Majin Buu.

Is Goku stronger than Master Roshi?

Yes, Goku has been stronger than Master Roshi for a while. Of course it wasn’t always the case as Master Roshi was Goku’s first teacher. They even fight in a World Martial Arts tournament, and Master Roshi actually wins! But Goku having that Saiyan DNA meant he quickly overcame Master Roshi, and was stronger than him for most of Dragon Ball.

Is Goku stronger than Mr Satan?

Hahaha, please! Goku is not stronger than the mighty Mr Satan. Mr Satan is the world champ, and doesn’t rely on cheap tricks and mirrors to win. Mr Satan has saved the Earth many times from the likes of Cell and Majin Buu with his patented fighting techniques like the DYNAMITE KICK! Please enjoy this montage of Mr Satan kicking serious butt.

Is Goku stronger than Naruto?

Yes, Naruto is a legend, there’s no denying it. But Goku can destroy planets if he wants, and Naruto just hasn’t shown anything like that amount of power. So it’s pretty clear that Goku is stronger than Naruto. But were they to meet who knows what would happen, maybe Naruto would be able to pull something out of the bag.

Is Goku stronger than Omega Shenron?

Yes, Goku was able to best Omega Shenron in the ultimate showdown of Dragon Ball GT. When Goku was in Super Saiyan 4 mode he was slightly stronger than Omega Shenron, but it was still a very close fight. You have to assume that Super Saiyan Blue Goku is even stronger than Omega Shenron, unless Omega Shenron made some serious gains in Hell, I mean HFIL (Home For Infinite Losers).

Is Goku stronger than Piccolo?

Yes, Goku has always been stronger than Piccolo. Piccolo was born after Goku beat his father/original reincarnation and so Goku was stronger than the original Piccolo. And Goku kept up his training, so he was always stronger than the son Piccolo. This is part of the reason Piccolo stopped trying so hard, because no matter what he did, Goku was always stronger than him.

Is Goku stronger than Pikachu?

Yes, Goku is stronger than Pikachu. But why Goku would ever want to fight Pikachu I don’t know. There’s no denying Pikachu is one of the most adorable mascots around, and both Pikachu and Goku are similarly both flagship characters for massive franchises. But Goku is stronger than Pikachu, and probably even Raichu as well. But Pikachu is probably a lot richer!

Is Goku stronger than Pikkon?

Yes, In the otherworld Pikkon gave Goku a very good fight. However this was an official fight using tournament rules, so both weren’t able to fight as full capacity. So when they fought we don’t know who was stronger, but we can assume that PIkon has’t gained any major boosts since he’s been dead, but Goku has come on leaps on bounds. So we can call it a draw in the other world but Goku is almost certainly stronger than Pikkon now.

Is Goku stronger than Raditz?

Yes, Goku is stronger than Raditz. However this wasn’t always the case, and while Raditz was alive he was actually a lot stronger than Goku. The only way Goku defeated Raditz was through sacrificing himself so Piccolo could land his Special Beam Cannon. Since Raditz and Goku are brothers it’s possible Raditz could become stronger than Goku if he stayed alive and trained as much as him, but as things played out, Goku is a lot stronger than Raditz.

Is Goku stronger than Saitama?

Yes! We may be biased but we believe Goku is much stronger than Saitama. While Saitama surpassed his human limits, humans are just a weaker race than Saiyans. In a fist fight Saitama might beat Goku, but if Goku can use his bag of tricks, like the mighty Kamehameha or the Spirit Bomb, than we’re afraid Saitama doesn’t stand a chance. We wrote an article about it you can read here.

Is Goku stronger than Shenron?

Yes, Goku has been stronger than Shenron since the Dragon Ball days. King Piccolo was able to destroy Shenron, and Goku killed him absolutely ages ago in the story. Shenron’s main power doesn’t come from strength though, it comes from magic. Goku might beat Shenron in a fight but Shenron might be able to use his magic to best Goku in a fight. But who would pick a fight with Shenron, he’s awesome and has saved the lives of countless Z fighters.

Is Goku stronger than Sonic The Hedgehog?

No. This may come as a surprise for those who remember Sonic as the cheerful blue Hedgehog who used to roll around the Green Hill Zone. But Full Power Sonic with all of the Chaos Emeralds is stronger than even Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku. The sort of crazy and impossible feats Super Sonic pulls off make him stronger then Goku. Just read about Super Sonic here, and tell me you aren’t impressed!

Is Goku stronger than Super Buu?

Yes, Goku is currently a lot stronger than Super Buu, when he existed. But at the time Super Buu was too much for Goku to handle by himself, and he needed the help of Vegeta and the Potaro fusion to become stronger than Super Buu.

Is Goku stronger than Superman?

Yes, Superman perhaps has better physical attributes than Goku, but Superman’s biggest weakness makes him a lot weaker than Goku. Saiyans are just a stronger race than Kryptonians. If Batman can put up a good fight against Superman with a little bit of Kyrpotonite, than imagine what someone like Goku can do. Give Goku a Kryponite ring and it’s be like Goku fighting Yamcha… it just wouldn’t be a fair fight.

Is Goku stronger than Supreme Kai?

Yes. Goku had been much stronger than Supreme Kai for quite a while. While Supreme Kai was around the level of Super Saiyan 2, now Goku has Super Saiyan Blue it wouldn’t be a fair fight. Kai’s aren’t known as great fighters, but more as guardians of the universe.

Is Goku stronger than Thanos?

No. If we are talking about Thanos with the infinity gauntlet, then he has to be considered stronger than Goku. The dude can wipe out every lifeforce in the universe with a click of his fingers. Not to mention the other powers that the infinity stones give him. This version of Thanos is definitely stronger than Goku, but that isn’t to say Goku might not be able to defeat him in battle if he doesn’t dilly dally, and remove the infinity gauntlet from Thanos quickly.

Is Goku stronger than The Flash?

Yes, Goku is much stronger than Flash. But then again Flash isn’t know for his strength, he’s known for his blistering speed. So Barry Allen might be faster than Goku, not counting Instant Translocation, but Goku is definitley stronger than The Flash.

Is Goku stronger than The Hypnotoad?



Is Goku stronger than Thor?

No, Thor is stronger than Goku. Thor is a literal God similar to Beerus or Whis. And after Thor taps into the power of the Odinforce and becomes Rune King Thor there’s nothing even a Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku would be able to do to stop him. The biggest question though, is would Goku be able to pick up Mjölnir. Is Goku worthy?


Is Goku stronger than Toppo?

Yes, Goku is stronger than Toppo. Toppo had a cool bag of tricks with his God of Destruction energy, but Goku using Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 20 was always stronger than Top at his full power.

Is Goku stronger than Uub?

Yes, Goku was definitely stronger when they first met, and he’s no doubt become even stronger through Dragon Ball Super. Uub was the reincarnation of Majin Buu but in a weaker human body. Uub might be stronger than Goku in base form, but once Goku starts doing his Super Saiyan thing he becomes a lot stronger than Uub.

Is Goku stronger than Vegeta?

Yes. Although Vegeta was intially stronger than Goku when they first met in the Vegeta Saga, Goku over took Vegeta on Namek and Vegeta never really took over. Even in Dragon Ball Super Goku developed Ultra Instinct which is stronger than anything Vegeta currently has. But that could all change is Vegeta were to get some God of Destruction level powers!

Is Goku stronger than Whis?

No, Goku is nowhere near as strong as Whis. Whis is an angel and the master of Beerus. Beerus is much stronger than Goku, so it stands to reason that Whis is even stronger. Whis is the one who taught Goku Ultra Instinct and it was originally an Angel technique, meaning Whis can probably use something like Super Master Ultra Instinct!

Is Goku stronger than Yamcha?

Is this a real question that people google? OF COURSE GOKU IS STRONGER THAN YAMCHA. HAVEN’T YOU SEEN THE MEMES!

Yamcha Meme

Is Goku stronger than Zeno?

No. It’s hard to measure Zeno’s strength because we never see him fight. But Zeno created the physical universe, and so it’s be trivial for him to manipulate his body to make him infinitely stronger than Goku. Sadly Goku would probably just erased if he tried to fight Zeno, so the win goes to Zeno on both counts.

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