Majin Vegeta – An in-depth look into Vegeta’s descent into Madness

Majin Vegeta – An in-depth look into Vegeta’s descent into Madness

The Buu saga was the final chapter in the Dragon Ball Z story. Even though Majin Buu might not have been everyone’s favourite villain, Majin Vegeta is one of the greatest henchmen in Dragon Ball history.

We saw Vegeta turn from Heel to Hero slowly over the course of several Sagas and definitely felt like he was now one of the good guys when the Z warriors first meet Babidi.

So fans were both shocked and excited to see this primal version of Vegeta gain a massive power boost and reignite one of the all-time great rivalries with Goku.

This lead to one of the greatest DBZ fights ever, Majin Vegeta Vs Goku. We are going to take an in-depth look into the ultimate villain Majin Vegeta!

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What is Majin Vegeta?

Majin Vegeta was a persona created when Vegeta fell under the Majin Mind Manipulation spell placed on him by the evil wizard Babidi.

This caused Vegeta to revert back to his old bloodthirsty self and caused him to kill hundreds of civilians in his goal of fighting Goku.

Vegeta was able to overcome the negative effects of the Majin spell and ended up sacrificing himself to try and destroy Buu.

You can easily recognise Majin Vegeta because he has a massive M on his forehead, just beneath his beautiful widow’s peak.

What effect did Babidi’s Manipulation Sorcery have on Majin Vegeta?

This spell has two main effects. First of all, it is a mind-control spell and increases the suggestibility of the victim towards the spell caster.

So when Babidi casts it, it makes the person more likely to obey his commands. However, it is not perfect, and characters are able to resist it depending on their mental strength.

Vegeta was able to almost completely ignore Babidi’s instructions and pretty much did whatever he wanted in true Vegeta style.

The 2nd effect is that it taps into the characters subconscious evil desires and makes them the main focus.

For Vegeta, this tapped into his Saiyan upbringing and caused him to want to kill/dominate his rivals and be recognised as the greatest warrior ever.

His greatest rival was Goku, who had humiliated him several times, but since they were on the same side, he wasn’t able to fight him, even though he really wanted a rematch.

So the Majin spell allowed Vegeta to sacrifice the wellbeing of his family and kill countless civilians, all for his singular aim of fighting and beating Goku.

This is turn, gave him a massive power boost, and he was able to be laser focused on his single objective.

Why did Vegeta go Majin?

At first, the audience thought that Vegeta had no choice, that Babidi overpowered Vegeta and forced him to become Majin Vegeta.

However, Vegeta actually let the spell take hold of him and give him the power/focus benefits while also being able to ignore the mind control.

The reason Vegeta did this is that he never got over the humiliation Goku made him feel when he first defeated him, then when showed mercy to him, and then when Goku became the first Saiyan in living memory to become a Super Saiyan.

Vegeta was very close to getting a fight with Goku during the World Tournament, but it was interrupted by Babidi’s henchman.

Goku was only on Earth for one day as well, so if Vegeta didn’t take his chance now, he might of never get to fight Goku.

How strong is Majin Vegeta?

Before becoming Majin, Vegeta was able to become Super Saiyan 2, the strongest known transformation at the time, and equal to what Goku could do.

However, even though Goku and Vegeta could go SSJ2, Goku was the stronger warrior and would have beaten Vegeta in the fight.

When Vegeta became Majin Vegeta, his power level increased, and Majin Vegeta had equal strength to Super Saiyan 2 Goku.

This is shown due to their evenly matched battle, and Vegeta is only able to win by catching Goku off guard.

Power levels were discontinued by the Buu Saga, so we don’t know Majin Vegetas power level, but we can assume he is stronger than Super Perfect Cell but not as strong as Fat Majin Buu.

Why didn’t Goku go SSJ3 against Majin Vegeta?

Even though Vegeta wasn’t directly controlled by Babidi, he was still playing into Babidi’s evil plan.

All of the energy used by Vegeta and Goku during their fight would have fed Majin Buu and made him stronger. Goku wanted to avoid waking Buu at all costs, which is why he refused to fight Vegeta until Vegeta started blasting civilians.

So when Goku was forced to fight Vegeta, he wanted to use the least amount of energy possible, which meant not using SSJ3.

Goku also kept trying to reason with Vegeta, hoping he could stop the fight with his words.

If it had been a fight to the death, then Goku would have probably gone Super Saiyan 3 to beat Vegeta quickly, something which drove Vegeta crazy when he later found this out.

End of Majin Vegeta – Majin Vegeta Sacrifice – Final Atonement

Vegeta got his mini victory over Goku by knocking him out and then turned his attention to Majin Buu to prove yet again that he was the strongest.

But after fighting with Buu, he realised he wouldn’t be able to win.

He then started to regret his recent behaviour, and through a lovely moment of Father-Son bonding with Trunks, he sees the error in his way.

Trying to atone for his sins, Vegeta then decides the best thing for him to do is to sacrifice himself using his ultimate move, Final Flash, to try and destroy Majin Buu once and for all.

This final act both ended the character of Majin Vegeta, and ended the redemption Arc of Vegeta. It truly a beautiful moment in Dragon Ball history, and was reminiscent of Vegeta defending Future Trunks.

How did Majin Buu survive Vegeta?

The power of Vegeta’s attack was enough to shake the whole planet.

It’s a blast that would have killed every single warrior in the DBZ up to this point, apart from, of course, Majin Buu.

Due to Majin Buu’s constitution, he has a rapid regeneration ability that lets him recover from damage quickly.

Even though Frieza may have had a stronger body, Majin Buu will always be able to regenerate from the tiniest amount of cells.

The only thing that was able to finally kill Majin Buu was a high level of concentrated Spirit Energy from the largest Spirit bomb the universe has ever seen.

Majin Vegeta – Final Thoughts

Vegeta was already a fan favourite at this point, but Majin Vegeta elevated him to another level.

Even though Goku is a more popular character, it’s clear that Vegeta has much better character development and a more captivating arc.

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