Orange Piccolo – Piccolo’s Strongest Form Explained – FAQ

Orange Piccolo – Piccolo’s Strongest Form Explained – FAQ

Here at Dragon Ball Guru, we have always been massive fans of Piccolo. And last year, we wrote an article wishing Piccolo would get a power boost! Well, this must be proof that Akiro Toriyama reads our blog because Piccolo got a massive power boost in the latest movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero! And this new form… Orange Piccolo. So in celebration of this, we decided to do an FAQ about our favourite Namekian warrior.

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What is Orange Piccolo?

Orange Piccolo is the name of Piccolo’s latest transformation, which sees him get a massive power boost, more muscle bulk, and Orange skin.

Is Orange Piccolo canon?

Yes, Orange Piccolo is 100% canon! His first appearance was in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which was created by OG Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama. So yes, the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero canonically take place after the previous movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

How did Piccolo get his new form?

There are three reasons Piccolo was able to attain his Orange Piccolo form. First of all, he is Namekian, so he must have had the ability to do this transformation in his genes. The 2nd reason is he used the Dragon Balls to wish to have his full potential unlocked, similar to what Elder Kai did for Gohan and Krillin in Namek. And the 3rd reason is Piccolo had an emotional event that caused him to actually transform. During his battle with Gamma 2, he was in a tight spot and losing, which could have meant Gohan and Pan could have been killed.

Why did Piccolo turn Orange?

Piccolo turned orange to signify his new power boost. It’s a long-established tradition in Dragon Ball that when characters get significant power boosts, they change their appearance, often colour. Just think of the yellow Super Saiyan or the Golden Frieza. So while we don’t know why Orange was chosen, we do know it signifies Piccolo is now one powerful dude.

What is Piccolo’s strongest form?

Piccolo’s strongest form is Orange Piccolo. While Piccolo had gained power before, most notably when he fused with Kami, this is his first actual real transformation. So Piccolo’s strongest form is also his first form.

What is Piccolo’s new form called?

Piccolo’s newest form is called Orange Piccolo (Pssst, look at the title of this article)

Is Orange Piccolo stronger than Goku?

We don’t know! We have no points of reference to compare Orange Piccolo and Goku. If we had to guess, we’d say that it’s unlikely that Piccolo became more powerful than Ultra Instinct Goku, but it wouldn’t be impossible.

Is Orange piccolo stronger than Vegeta?

Similar to the answer above, we just don’t know! If we had to guess, we’d say Vegeta is stronger, but we have no frame of reference!

Is Orange Piccolo stronger than Jiren?


Is Orange Piccolo stronger than Golden Frieza?

Orange Piccolo – Our Thoughts

As we mentiond at the beginning of this article, we have always been big fans of Piccolo. At the start of Dragon Ball Z, he was pretty much on par with Goku, but he always fell behind. But every time he caught up, even a little, like when he fused with Nail or when he fused with Kami, we were cheering at our TVs. And seeing Piccolo once against getting a power boost and being the actual hero of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was AMAZING. Here’s hoping Piccolo doesn’t stop at Orange, and gets a Red, Pink, Blue, Purple and White transformations, and finally beat Son Goku in a fight.

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