Dragon Ball Super General Knowledge Quiz

Dragon Ball Super General Knowledge Quiz

Here is our quiz for the latest instalment of the Dragon Ball Franchise. This quiz covers all of the anime show Dragon Ball Super, as well as the movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly. If you have only watched Dragon Ball Z, we recommend this Dragon Ball Z quiz instead. Good luck!

Dragon Ball Super General Knowledge Quiz

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1. What does Whis call his technique to go back in time?

2. What is the name of Future Trunks' new form he uses to fight Goku Black and Future Zamasu?

3. How did Future Zamasu body swap with Goku?

4. What is the name of the leader of the Universe 6 Pride Troopers?

5. What two fighters did King Cold tell Frieza never to fight?

6. How is Broly controlled by his father?

7. What Universe is the alternative race of Saiyans from?

8. Who fights Goku while wearing a disguise to look like Monaka?

9. What food causes Majin Buu to attack Beerus at Bulma’s birthday party?

10. Who hires Hit to assassinate Goku?

11. Which of the following characters survived the longest in the Future Trunks timeline?

12. Which character trains Gohan to get him ready for the Tournament of Power?

13. How does Frost cheat during his fight with Piccolo during the tournament?

14. Who would win in a fight between Beerus and Whis?

15. How are the Universe 6 Namekians so strong during the Tournament of Power?

16. What item allows Zamasu to travel through time?

17. What is the name of Vegeta and Bulma’s 2nd child?

18. How many universes take part in the Tournament of Power?

19. What wish does Android 17 make after he wins the Tournament of Power?

20. What technique does Master Roshi use to accidentally seal Vegeta into a pot?

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