Raditz - Fight Profile

Raditz  Profile Picture
Wins 3
Losses 1
Draws 0
Name: Raditz
Raditz the Runt
Total Fights: 4
Greatest Allies Vegeta, Nappa, Frieza
Worst Enemies Gohan, Goku, Krillin, Piccolo
Race: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3" (191 cm)
Year of Birth Age 727
Residence Planet Vegeta
Creator Akira Toriyama

Fight Record - All Raditz Fights

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Result Opponent Location Show Age Info
Loss Goku / Piccolo / Gohan Earth DBZ 761

Goku/Piccolo/Gohan v Raditz


Vegeta Saga, Dragon Ball Z

- Piccolo killed Raditz with his special beam canon but took Goku with him. We are still giving Goku the victory here, because ultimately he defended Earth succesfully.

Win Goku Earth DBZ 761

Goku v Raditz


Vegeta Saga, Dragon Ball Z

- Raditz sucker punched (with his Knee) Goku then grabbed Gohan and ran away.

Win Krillin Earth DBZ 761

Krillin v Raditz


Vegeta Saga, Dragon Ball Z

- White Knight Krillin tried to defend his friends from Raditz, but ended up getting one punched.

Win Farmer Earth DBZ 761

Raditz v Farmer


Vegeta Saga, Dragon Ball Z

- Even the Farmers mighty shotgun wasn't enough to fend off this weak Saiyan.

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Fight Statistics

Show Fights Wins Wins % Loss Loss % Draw Draw %
Dragon Ball Z 4 3 75% 1 25% 0 0%

Who is Raditz?

Raditz is the brother of our favourite hero Goku. While Goku was raised on Earth, he had a much more traditional Saiyan upbringing, being sent to a random planet as a baby, destroying it and then joining the ranks of the Frieza Force like Nappa and Vegeta.

He was one of the last Saiyans in existence when we meet him on Earth as Frieza destroyed his home planet Vegeta and most of his race. Luckily for Raditz, he wasn’t on the planet even though both his parents, Bardock and Gine, were.

He came to Earth to recruit Goku to the Frieza Force, but upon Goku choosing Earth over his Saiyan heritage, he got kinda mad and kidnapped Gohan. Needless to say, things didn’t work out too well for Raditz after this.

Raditz coming to Earth kicked off the whole Dragon Ball Z saga and made everyone aware that there were a lot more powerful foes from different planets they may need to battle.

Fighting Style

Raditz was raised on the battlefield and has spent his life going to weaker alien planets and easily beating the natives in battle for the Frieza Force. As such, he developed an extremely arrogant and cocky fighting style that relies on his brute strength rather than his fight IQ.

As he normally faced greater numbers, he developed a lot of techniques to take over two or more fighters, making him very efficient at clearing crowds quickly. This style is fine for weaker opponents, but Raditz didn’t develop an ability to fight creatively and overcome more powerful opponents, which cost him dearly when fighting Goku and Piccolo.

There is no real evidence of Raditz training himself outside of battle or pushing himself to become a more powerful warrior. Vegeta and Nappa were able to train themselves not to feel pain in his tail, while Raditz either wasn’t able to or didn’t want to take the time to train themselves.

Against Goku, Piccolo and Gohan, Raditz seemed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. On paper, he should have won, but his arrogance and lack of battle sense cost him the victory. At several times Raditz was powerful enough to finish off all opponents, but he wanted to play with his food and let Goku and Piccolo try out their techniques.

He could have killed Goku when his foot was on his chest or easily finished off Piccolo when he had one arm but chose not to. Although Raditz has the killer instinct of the Saiyans, he lacked the clinical finishing of Vegeta and was killed by a Special Canon Beam when he probably didn’t need to be.

Despite Raditz’s shortcomings, we don’t have how much latent potential he actually had. Since he is the brother of Goku, it’s possible that if he received training in Earth Ki techniques and learn Super Saiyan, he could have been equal to Goku or Vegeta by Dragon Ball Super.

Signature Moves

  • Behind You!

    - An effective counter attack that catches attackers off guard by letting them think they have snuck up on the user. Then when they are in range, rather than defending using fists or evading, the user swings his body backwards and executes 2 power-kicks to two separate attackers.

    Raditz Behind You!
  • Double Sunday

    - A very powerful twin beam attack that doesn't require any charging. The user emits 2 separate purple beams from their palms, usually targeting 2 enemies. The attack was so powerful and quick it managed to take out Piccolo's right arm.

    Raditz Double Sunday

All Transformations

  • Raditz Great Ape (Ōzaru)

    - Although we never see Raditz transform, we know because of his tail when he see's a full moon he would transform into a Great Ape, giving him a rough 10 times multiplier to his power. If we did use this form he might have defeated Goku and Piccolo, but then again, he'd have to deal with Great Ape Gohan!

    Raditz Great Ape Ōzaru


What is Raditz's Win Loss Record?

Raditz's Win Loss Record is 3 - 1.

How many fights has Raditz been in?

Raditz has been in around 4 fights

How many fights has Raditz lost?

Raditz has lost 1 fights

How many fights has Raditz won?

Raditz has won 3 fights

What race is Raditz?

Raditz is a Saiyan

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