Super Saiyan Krillin – Is it possible?

Super Saiyan Krillin – Is it possible?

When Krillin and Goku were young, they had similar power levels. Even on Namek, they weren’t too far apart, and Krillin could have probably caught up if he trained hard enough.

But then Goku had to turn Super Saiyan and ruin all of Krillin’s hopes of keeping current with Goku due to the ridiculous power scaling of Super Saiyan.

We think Krillin is due a significant power boost and want to explore if it’s possible for Krillin to become a Super Saiyan.

Probably not, Krillin is human so can’t naturally turn into Super Saiyan. However, through Dragon Balls Krillin could turn himself Saiyan and become a Super Saiyan.

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Is Krillin a Saiyan?

No, Krillin is not a Saiyan, he’s just a regular human. When both Goku and Krillin were kids they looked pretty similar, and even wore the same clothes.

But we discovered Goku was a Saiyan during the first episode of Dragon Ball Z, while Krillin has always just been a regular human.

Krillin could use the Dragon Balls to turn himself Saiyan

We know that Shenron has rules, like he can’t kill anyone stronger than him.

But we haven’t been told he can’t transform a person’s race.

Shenron can restore planets from being destroyed so you’d imagine changing a few DNA strands should be easy.

If Krillin were to gather the Dragon Balls and wish to be made Saiyan, then with Goku’s help he’d be Super Saiyan Krillin in no time!

And besides, look how cool he’d look.

Super Saiyan Krillin

Is Krillin Super Saiyan level?

Okay, so suppose Krillin was a Saiyan. Is Krillin even at Super Saiyan level?

Not every Saiyan is worthy as Super Saiyan, and in fact, 99% of Saiyan’s never got strong enough to become Saiyan.

We know that Goku had a raw power level of 3 million when he became Super Saiyan.

The last known official power level we have for Krillin is in the Android Saga was he was around 160,000.

So it isn’t that hard to believe that Krillin will have gotten to a power level of 3 million by the time Dragon Ball Super starts.

But this isn’t a guarantee and Krillin would probably need to work his socks off to become Super Saiyan.

Krillin could wish for Captain Ginyu’s Body Swap Ability.

Maybe Shenron can’t change a character’s race… perhaps that’s just too much like playing God (Even though Shenron does this all the time).

Something we know the Dragon Ball’s can do is body change like they did with Goku and Zamasu.

All Krillin would need to do is go to Universe 6 and see if there’s a Saiyan volunteer who wouldn’t mind body-swapping with him.

That way we’d have the ultimate warrior with the heart or Krillin but the power of a Super Saiyan.

This would then ask a philosophical question whether it’s still Krillin anymore, or whether it’s someone else. Would Android 17 still love the new Krillin?

These sorts of questions are beyond the reach of a simple Dragon Ball internet blog.

Krillin could bypass Saiyan, and go straight to God Ki.

Everyone would love to see Krillin as a Super Saiyan, but the real question is does he even need to.

Since God Ki was established in Dragon Ball Super, it’s kind of bypassed the importance of Super Saiyan.

While it’s true Goku and Vegeta combined God Ki and Super Saiyan to create the uber-cool Super Saiyan blue; it’s possible Krillin could get himself some God Ki and make his own cool transformation.

Maybe if Krillin tried hard enough, he could even get himself Krillin Super Saiyan Blue :O.

Although this may never happen, we can dream about a human becoming a Super Saiyan! Human’s have long been surpassed by almost every race in the Dragon Ball Universe, and it’s high time they got some kind of OP boost.

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