Top 10 Questions about Chi Chi from Dragon Ball Answered

Top 10 Questions about Chi Chi from Dragon Ball Answered

Chi-Chi is the long-suffering wife of our favourite absentee father and husband Goku. They say behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes, and how Chi-Chi hasn’t murdered Goku by now is anyone’s guess.

Chi Chi has been part of Dragon Ball since she was a little girl and was introduced as the daughter of the Ox-King before eventually marrying Goku and giving birth to their two sons Gohan and Goten. So here we look at some of the most asked questions about Chi Chi.

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What does Chi Chi mean in Japanese?

Chi Chi is Japanese for milk, my father or breasts. In keeping in with the Dragon Ball naming convention of giving family members related names, Chi Chi was intended to mean milk as her father is the Ox-King. Ox, meaning Cows who produce milk… sometimes it’s better not to translate names and leave them as mysteries.

How old is Chi Chi?

Chi-Chi is the same age as Goku. They were both born at Age 737. So Chi Chi is 14 when she first meets Goku and 20 when she gives birth to Gohan. Chi Chi is 43 at the end of Dragon Ball Super during the Tournament of Power Saga.

Can Chi Chi fly?

No, Chi Chi cannot fly. She was taught the Turtle Hermit style, created by Master Roshi, from training with her father, Ox-King, and flying is not a standard Turtle Hermit technique. Chi Chi could have learnt how to fly if she wanted to but focused on been a mother rather than a martial artist.

Does Goku love Chi Chi?

Yes, Goku definitely loves Chi Chi. This is evidenced by how angry he was when he learnt Goku Black killed the alternative version of Chi Chi. Plus, by the fact, he married her! Saiyan’s don’t have the same idea of love as Human’s do, so Goku doesn’t show traditional signs of love, like Vegeta and Bulma. But his constant desire to train and protect the Earth is Goku showing he loves Chi Chi.

Can Chi Chi use Ki?

Chi Chi cannot use Ki attacks but can manipulate Ki at a basic level while using her Turtle Hermit fighting style. Chi Chi is only a small female, so her feats of strength would only be possible using Ki. However, she probably doesn’t do this subconsciously through her martial arts training and hasn’t had any formal Ki training.

Can Chi Chi beat Goku?

No, Chi Chi cannot beat Goku in a fight. Even though Chi Chi is one of the strongest females we encounter and probably one of the strongest Earthlings, Chi Chi would be vastly outmatched in a fight with Goku. We see Goku beat her in a fight during her tournament debut at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

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Can Chi Chi fight?

Yes, Chi Chi can fight. She was trained by her father in the Turtle Hermit school of martial arts. We even see Chi Chi fight in the World Martial Arts tournament against Goku, but she is beaten by him. Chi Chi also trains Goten, forcing him to turn into a Super Saiyan, meaning that she must have pushed him pretty hard. Chi Chi is definitely an underrated fighter.

Can Chi Chi go Super Saiyan?

No, Chi Chi cannot go Super Saiyan. Super Saiyan is the technique of the Saiyan race, and so a Human cannot do it. Perhaps if Chi Chi used the Dragon Balls to wish herself Saiyan, she could one day become a Super Saiyan, but for now, it’s a no.

Can Chi Chi ride the Nimbus?

Yes, Chi Chi can ride the Flying Nimbus, as shown in the Dragon Ball when she hitches a ride with Goku. Only those pure of Spirit can ride Nimbus, and Chi-Chi claims to be a good girl because of her strict father, Ox-King.

When do Chi Chi and Goku get married?

Chi Chi and Goku get married in Dragon Ball, during in the Piccolo Jr Saga. It is in an episode called Anonymous Proposal. They get married in Age 755 when both Chi Chi and Goku are 18 years old.

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