What did Beerus wish for?

What did Beerus wish for?

There’s no rivalry quite like a sibling rivalry, apart from maybe between Goku and Vegeta! And we get to see the sibling rivalry of Beerus the Destroyer and his brother Champa the Destroyer play out in the Dragon Ball Super Universe 6 Saga. This involves a battle between Universe 6 and Universe 7’s mightiest warriors battle for the Super Dragon Balls, which Beerus ends up winning. But after winning these powerful wish orbs, what did Beerus wish for?

Beerus told Whis to wish for Universe’s 6 Planet Earth to be restored so his brother Champa can enjoy the tasty food that Earth produces in his own universe. Champa became a fan of Earth’s food after trying an instant cup ramen, so even though Beerus won the tournament, he wanted to show kindness to his brother.

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What happened to Universe 6’s Planet Earth

Universe 6 and Universe 7 (The universe we know the best) are parallel universes, and are so extremely similar. They both have Saiyan’s, both have Lord Frieza’s and also both at one point had planet Earths. However, the Universe 6 planet earth was destroyed after a global civil war which led to the planet’s extinction. I wonder if you can spot the social commentary!

Why did Beerus waste his wish on his brother?

The whole reason the Universe Tournament was started was that Beerus didn’t want Champa to have the Super Dragon Balls. Either Beerus didn’t want him to have the wish or was just offended that Champa tried to sneakily get some of them from his universe. But it was probably never about the Super Dragon Balls, as Beerus seems like a very content God and is happy just to eat, sleep, destroy planets, repeat. So after proving he had the better universe, it was a gracious move of Beerus to do something nice for his brother while also denying him the full wish. Who knows?

Why did Beerus tell Bulma he wished for a more comfortable bed?

When Whis made Beerus’s wish to Super Shenron, he did so in the divine language that none of our Z fighters can speak. So no one in the gang actually heard his wish. Lord Beerus always try to act cool and stoic, do probably didn’t want any of his mortals to know he was capable of showing kindness to everyone. So he lies and says he asked for a more comfortable bed, which kind of makes sense since he sleeps for years at a time.

What did Beerus wish for? – Final Thoughts

It was a really nice moment for Beerus and reminded me of when he spared destroying Earth, after Goku gave him a decent battle in Battle of Gods, even though he said he was going to it. Although Beerus acts like a cold-blooded destroyer, he definitely has a few weak spots for his brother and Earthlings.

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