What is dragon ball heroes?

What is dragon ball heroes?

The ending of Dragon Ball Super in 2018 has left a Dragon Ball shaped hole in the hearts of DB fans everywhere. So with this new Anime released name Super Dragon Ball Heroes a lot of questions were asked by its fanbase, such as is this a continuation of Dragon Ball Super and is it canon?

Dragon Ball Heroes is a non-Canon manga/anime sequel to Dragon Ball Super designed to promote the trading card game Dragon Ball Super Heroes. Although Toriyama helped with its creation, none of the events takes place as part of the main storyline and is seen as more fantasy matchups that may happen within the card game.

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The Plot

We start off with our Goku and Vegeta getting schooled by Whis in the God’s realm. Then Mia randomly appears in the Gods realm looking for Trunks, who was meant to meet them.

Then an extremely shady character appears and says he’s Trunks friend, though we are very sceptical!

They follow him to the Prison Planet, which is like 5 planets tied together. It is then revealed this was all an elaborate ruse to get Goku and Vegeta on the prison planet to fight for his amusement as they try and get the 7 dragon balls needed to escape.

So Goku and Vegeta team up with other dimension Goku and Vegeta who can turn SSJ4 to battle monsters throughout the prison world.

If this story has titillated you then we suggest you start watching the real thing, and we apologise for our terrible summary of the start of Dragon Ball Heroes.

What we like

As a big fan of Dragon Ball, I was excited that more material was being released. Even if none of the story matters, it’s still cool to see some epic hand to hand and beam struggles between some of our favourite characters.

In the first episode, we got to see an SSJ4 Goku fight an SSB Goku, so for those visuals alone, it may be worth watching.

What we didn’t like

The lack of story holding Heroes together can be annoying at times as well, as fight scenes in the rest of Dragon Ball are epic for what they have at stake. Just because it isn’t canon doesn’t mean it can’t have good storytelling like some of the non-canon Dragon Ball films have.

While waiting for new Dragon Ball Super to be released, it’s annoying that Toei chose to spend their time on this spin-off series, rather than the mainline story.

Considering they haven’t given us a new release date for two years it’d be nice if they got cracking on new Super, then whatever Heroes is.

However business is often more complicated then us fans think, and just because they are making Heroes doesn’t mean that it’s taking away any resources from Super, so I guess we can’t be too mad at Heroes.

So should I watch it?

All the episodes of the series take place over about two and a half hours. So it can very easily be watched in a single session, instead of a film.

Because it’s so short and features all the characters, we know and love we say yes, sit back, recline, and enjoy the mighty SSJ4 form is all it’s glory.

I enjoyed it but still preferred Dragon Ball GT. I also don’t think I’ll be revisiting it for a very long time.

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