What is Videl’s Power Level?

What is Videl’s Power Level?

Videl may have been the daughter of the World Martial Arts champion, Mr Satan, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t a badass in her own right. In fact, some people speculated that she was even stronger than her father, so just what is Videl’s power level?

Videl has a power level of 50/60 by the end of Dragon Ball Z. If she continued training her Ki, it’d be higher, but she seemed to retire from martial arts to start a family with Gohan.

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Videl Power Level at the start of Dragon Ball Z

By the end of the Frieza Saga, Power levels weren’t used anymore, and we didn’t meet Videl until the Buu Saga. So we don’t have an official power level reading for Videl. However, we figured out that Mr Satan had a power level of around 10 in our article about Mr Satan’s Power level, so we are going to assume that Videl had a similar power level as well. Videl, with a power level of 10, puts her on par with her father and a young kid Goku and above pretty much every non-ki fluent mortal there is. So not bad for a teenage girl, but Videl’s power level doesn’t stay this low forever.

How Videl increased her Power Level

We love the Great Saiyaman Saga here at Dragon Ball Guru and loved watching Videl bossing Gohan around! One of the things Videl makes Gohan do is teach her how to fly after she spots him doing it. In order to teach Videl how to fly, Gohan first had to teach her how to utilise her inner Ki. This basic Ki training, along with the flying practice, would have raised her power level, but by how much?

Calculating Videl’s Power Level

Disclaimer, since there are no official sources, the following is just guesswork by us using this list of power levels. But we think giving Videl a power level of 50/60 puts her above the Pilaf Gang from Dragon Ball but below the soldiers of the Red Ribbon Army, which is a fair place. Videl wouldn’t have been able to beat the likes of a young Krillin or Tien, but at least has a respectable power level for someone who just learned about Ki. So Videl at 50/60 isn’t going to start breaking Z Swords but can at least beat any normal human in a fight easily.

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