What Universe is Goku from?

What Universe is Goku from?

Until Dragon Ball Super came about, things were relatively straightforward when it came to Universes in Dragon Ball. Not including the odd bit of time travelling, there was just one Universe in which everyone lived. But Dragon Ball Super threw a big spanner in the works when they introduced the concept of multiple universes! So you’d be forgiven for thinking what Universe is Goku from?

The Goku we follow is from Universe 7, which until Dragon Ball Super was the only Universe we knew to exist. But there were also other Goku’s in Universe 6 and in Universe 10.

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Universe 7 – Our favourite one!

Universe 7 Goku

Look at that cheeky smile, of course Universe 7 Goku is our favourite one!

Even though are there are different Goku’s from different timelines, the Goku we’ve followed from boy to man is Universe 7 Goku. We discovered that our Universe, with Beerus and Whis, was just one of many universes that exist in the cosmos, all ruled by the Zeno.

Universe 6 – Future Trunks timeline

Universe 6 Goku

Poor Universe 6 Goku, maybe got his heart virus while visiting Yadrat.

The first alternative we learn about is Universe 6 Goku, but at the time, we just knew him as Future Goku. He was from the Future Trunks timeline, where he sadly died of a heart virus before the Androids killed most of the other Z fighters. This Goku dying is the reason Future Trunks gives our Goku the Heart Virus Medicine that allows him to survive.

Universe 10 – Goku Black

Universe 10 Goku - Goku Black

Definitely the most evil character ever to exist in Dragon Ball! Just look at that evil grin.

The 3rd Goku we learn about is the terrifying Goku Black from Univese 10. Originally this Goku was just like our Goku until he was paid a visit from Zamazu. Zamasu then body swapped with Goku to become Goku Black, who then proceeded to kill Goku in Zamazu’s body, along with the rest of Goku’s Universe 10 family.

Other Universe Goku’s

Every time someone time travels in Dragon Ball, another universe is created. So it’s possible that there are many more Goku’s out there from other universes. Also, we haven’t seen every single Universe yet, so there could somehow be another version of Goku, just like how Frieza had a counterpart named Frost.

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