What Universe is Jiren from?

What Universe is Jiren from?

Dragon Ball Super taught us that there are multiple universes in the lore of Dragon Ball. And with those new universes came new, even more, powerful foes, the likes of which the Z Fighters have never encountered before. And one of these new heroes/villains is a Pride Trooper named Jiren, possibly the strongest mortal we’ve met at the end of Dragon Ball Super. But what Universe is Jiren from?

Jiren is from the 11th Universe (Universe 11), which is twinned with the 2nd Universe. Belmond is the God of Destruction for this Universe, and Marcarita is the Angel

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Is there a Jiren in Universe 2 as well?

Universe 2 may be the twin of Universe 11, but that doesn’t mean they are identical. Take Universe 6 and Universe 7, for example.

Both of these have Saiyans, but they don’t have the same Saiyans; Universe 7 has the likes of Goku and Vegeta, while Universe 6 has the likes of Cabba, Caulifla and Kale.

So it’s possible Universe 2 has a Jiren as well, but unlikely. So with no supporting evidence we have to assume there’s only one Jiren in all the multiverses.

Is Jiren the strongest mortal out of all the Universes?

While it’s true Jiren is probably the strongest fighter in Universe 11, we can’t say that he’s the strongest mortal in all the universes. That’s because we only saw fighters from the other universes in the tournament of power, and there may have been stronger martial artists who chose not to participate.

Moro and Granolah weren’t in the Tournament of Power but were probably stronger than Jiren at the time. Also, not every Universe was in the Tournament of Power, so we have no idea what kind of mortals they are harbouring.

Although Jiren was definitely the strongest fighter in the Tournament of Power, he still wasn’t enough for the teamwork of Goku, Frieza and Android 17.

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