When does Dragon Ball Super take place?

When does Dragon Ball Super take place?

After almost two decades with no new Dragon Ball anime, fans were jubilant the world over when Dragon Ball Super was first released in 2015. While we’d had an IRL time skip of 2 decades, the characters of Dragon Ball Z didn’t seem to have aged that much, which begs the question, when does Dragon Ball Super take place?

Dragon Ball Super is set 4 years after the end of Dragon Ball Z. Majin Buu was defeated in Age 774, and Beerus makes an appearance in Age 778 at the start of Dragon Ball Super.

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Dragon Ball measures years in Ages.

Just before we start, although Dragon Ball is set on Earth, and a year is 365 days like on our planet, just don’t measure it in years. They measure in Ages, similar to Lord of the Rings. So Age 778 is the in-universe year when the story is set.

End of Dragon Ball Z.

The final Dragon Ball Z anime episodes take place during the age was 774. Goku had just launched the biggest Spirit Bomb ever to defeat Majin Buu, and the gang had used the Dragon Balls to restore the Earth to normality. So there was peace throughout the world, but Vegeta was still training with King Kai to keep sharp, and Vegeta was probably training in a million times Gravity at Capsule Corp. There was also a big time skip at the end of Z, but that shoots straight past Dragon Ball Super, so we’ll leave that out for now.

Start of Dragon Ball Super.

So everything was fine and dandy on Earth for those four years until Lord Beerus was awoken after dreaming about a Super Saiyan God. This was about Age 778 and kicked started Dragon Ball Super, Super Saiyan God and the idea of other universes.

Dragon Ball Super Timeline

So we know Dragon Ball Super started age 778, but here we have broken down some key events and their dates to give you an idea of what happened over the course of those 4 years.

  • Age 778 – Goku Fights Beerus
  • Age 779 – Golden Frieza invades Earth
  • Age 779 – Future Trunks reappeared.
  • Age 780 – Android 17 wins Tournament of Power.
  • Age 780 – Goku and Vegeta fight Broly

When does Dragon Ball Super take place? – Final Thoughts

That’s all the key dates for Dragon Ball Super thus far. However with new Dragon Ball Super Manga and the new Dragon Ball Super due to be released in 2022, Goku’s story is far from over.

As always big thank you to the Dragon Ball timeline on the Dragon Ball fandom! –  https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Ball_Timeline

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