Who Kills Cell in Dragon Ball Z?

Who Kills Cell in Dragon Ball Z?

Cell was the most formidable warrior the Z fighters had faced to date. He was built from the ground up by Dr Gero to combine the greatest elements from the greatest of Earths warriors, including Piccolo’s regenerative abilities turned up to 11. Every time Cell got blasted, he just regrew himself. But we do know that the Z warriors eventually defeated him, so who kills Cell in Dragon Ball Z?

Gohan kills Cell in Dragon Ball Z with a Father-Son Kamehameha. Gohan was helped by a motivational speech from Goku from the afterlife and by Vegeta, who fired a Galick Gun at Cell, distracting him.

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Goku tried to kill Cell first but was unsuccessful.

Before Gohan got a crack at Cell, Goku tried to defeat him. Goku knew he wasn’t as powerful as Cell, so he tried to outsmart him with an Instant Transmission Kamehameha.

This is where Goku charged up the Kamehameha to max power and then caught Cell off guard by teleporting close to him, so he wasn’t unable to dodge/react to Goku’s attack. This trick worked spectacularly as Cell got his ride side blasted clean off.

Sadly though, Cell has amazing regenerative capabilities and was able to regrow his arm and torso. Unlucky Goku, but at least your son Gohan was able to step up.

Cell exploded, but he didn’t die.

After turning Super Saiyan 2, Gohan was beating the ever-loving snot out of Super Perfect Cell. He even punched Cell so hard he puked up Android 18, and Cell began to look for the cowards way out.

So rather than take his beating like a champ, Semi-Perfect Cell goes super-sized and is about to blow up Earth.

Luckily for Earth, and unluckily for King Kai, Goku transports Cell to King Kai’s planet, where Cell’s body explodes like a bomb.

Sadly though, due to Cell’s regenerative abilities, he grows himself a new body, learns Instant Transmission from Goku and gains a Zenkai power boost. So the remaining Z fighters still need to defeat him.

How does Gohan kill Cell?

Sure, Cell got a mad power boost, but Super Saiyan 2 Gohan should still have been able to beat him easily.

That was until, of course, Gohan is forced to save Vegeta’s life breaking his arm in the process. Gohan now couldn’t beat Cell in hand to hand combat, so Goku told him the only way he would win was to use the best one-handed Kamehameha he could manage.

The power behind the mighty Father-Son Kamehameha

Ordinarily, the standard Kamehameha requires two hands, as you can read in our guide.

But Gohan only had one available, so that would have to make do. The real power came from the Father-Son bond that Goku and Gohan had.

Although Goku physically wasn’t there, he’d witnessed Gohans true power in the hyperbolic time chamber and knew that with a little motivation, Gohan could beat Cell easily. So the real power was inside of Gohan all along! *Cue cheesy music

Which is the Gohan kills cell episode?

Gohan kills Cell in episode 181 of Dragon Ball Z, first aired in 1993 in Japanese, and 2000 in English. The episode is called Faith in the Boy, referring to Goku’s faith in his son Goku.

In the Manga, Goku kills Cell in Chapter 403 named ‘The Successor’, referring to Gohan taking over Goku’s role as defender of Earth… but that didn’t really work out as Gohan retired from fighting soon after.

Who Kills Cell in Dragon Ball Z? – Final Thoughts

This was a really significant moment in Dragon Ball Z history. We’d seen glimpsed of Gohan’s true power, but Gohan had never been the one to save the day. That had always been Goku. So watching Gohan obliterate

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