Why is Trunks hair blue?

Why is Trunks hair blue?

The Dragon Ball universe made a roaring comeback in 2015 with Dragon Ball Super. And with this new chapter in the lives of Goku and Co, we got the return of everyone’s favourite time-traveller, Future Trunks! He’d changed a lot, and grow taller and stronger but most bizarrely, his hair changed colour to blue? It’s fair to assume that there weren’t many hair salons or dyes in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, so how and why is Trunks hair blue?

Future Trunks’ hair is now blue to fix an anime mistake, as his hair should have always been blue and matched Bulma’s. With Dragon Ball Super Toei decided to correct their error, and have retconned that Trunks always had blue hair.

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Why was original Future Trunk’s hair grey?

When we first meet Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Z just after the Namek saga, he noticeably has grey hair, while his mum Bulma has blue/green hair. However, in the manga, both Bulma and Trunks have the same colour hair to demonstrate the relationship between them, which is purple. So technically Future Trunk’s hair colour was originally true to the manga, while it was Bulma’s hair who was wrong.

The Dragon Ball Super Retcon

Clearly, the animators who created Dragon Ball Super felt Bulma and Trunks should have the same colour hair, so a retcon was added where Trunks always had Blue hair! That’s how the world of animation works sometimes. When the legend himself Toriyama made Future Trunks’ hair blue in his character designs the animators decided not to mess with it.

Why doesn’t young trunks have blue hair as well?

Okay, they changed Future Trunks’ hair to match Bulma’s but what about present Trunks hair? Now in Dragon Ball Super Bulma and Future Trunks have blue hair, but baby trunks have purple hair. It doesn’t make any sense, and only Toei will know why they did this. It’s possible when both Trunks were on the screen they wanted a more visible difference so audiences wouldn’t get confused. When dealing with time-travelling characters, it makes sense for them to have different colour schemes to help the audience out. How confusing would the fight between Goku and Goku Black be if they were both super Saiyan Blue?

This isn’t the first time Anime has changed colour from the manga.

If you remember the first time, we ever saw Vegeta he had red hair on an alien planet. This was because he was black and white in the manga, so animators guessed his hair. They quickly fixed it by the time Vegeta was on earth to black, but it just goes to show how easily hair colours can change. Bulma’s hair is also famous for changing from Purple, to GreenBlue to just plain blue. So Future Trunks getting his hair changed is just another in a long series of character design changes made by the animators.

Purple hair, green hair or blue hair? It doesn’t really make a difference, the main thing about Future Trunks is that he returned to the series, and he kicked some serious Ass. Who knows, maybe Future Trunks will return one day and have yet another different hairstyle? My money would be on black to match Vegeta, or maybe red to match early Vegeta!

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