Why is Yamcha so weak?

Why is Yamcha so weak?

When I was younger, Yamcha was one of my favourite characters. He had the badass orange karate outfit and all of these cool scars. He also kicked the ass of that Saiberman before he let his guard done and got ‘sploded.

But as the series went on, he kept losing fights and got his girlfriend stolen by the alpha-est male ever, Vegeta.

The rise of the internet was also bad for Yamcha, with miscreants like TeamFourStar always making fun of him for getting beat up.

But where did this all stem from, and why is Yamcha so weak?

Yamcha is weak because he is only a human, which is a weaker race compared to Saiyans, Androids, Frieza’s and Gods of Destructions. But Yamcha is actually one of the strongest humans and was at one stage stronger than Goku.

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Yamcha lost the eye of the Tiger

When we first meet Yamcha, he was probably stronger than Goku, as Goku was just a wee kid with no formal training.

Yamcha manages to stay relevant throughout Dragon Ball, and the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.

But after he gets the life sucked out of him from Android 20 he seemed to lose his fight, and then just gave up training.

So if you don’t train you can’t be expected to go toe to toe with the likes of Goku.

Inferior Human Genetics

For whatever reason, Humans always get a raw deal in the Dragon Ball Universe. They don’t get any badass transformations and don’t get any random powerups.

So Yamcha being a human puts him at a huge disadvantage on the galactic stage.

Even if he trained non-stop, he still wouldn’t be anywhere near as powerful as Goku on a bad day.

At least Yamcha finds his passion in Baseball where he can be the best player ever!

Yamcha can be proud of his martial arts career. He always seems to be in the top 5 strongest humans, not counting the mighty Hercule, of course. He probably could have got the number 1 spot if he worked a little harder, but with Super Powerful aliens like Vegeta and Piccolo defending earth, he probably doesn’t see the point.

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